Thursday, November 19, 2009

OMG! I'm having so much fun in our new Chat Room.

Hey Guys...& Gals (if your out there)

Just wanted to give you a heads up *smirk* if you didn't
already know but we put up a new live chat room on my
sister site:

The Phone Sex Center.

So if you haven't POP'd in to chat with us...

what are you waiting for?


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Naughty Seduction Phone Sex

How would I describe myself? A woman with many looks,
likes and lusts...

Naughty but nice...
Sugar and spice...
Devilishly angelic!

I love to play games, too. Board games, card games, SEX
games and head games. *evil grin*

Role-play is another of my favorite games. It allows us
to dress up and transform into whomever either of us wishes
to be. I, your employee, your MILF, your babysitter, your
weekend sports buddy, your secret kinky lover. You, my boss,
my boy toy, my vibrator, my victim, my cross-dressing
“girlfriend”. *wink*

The possibilities are endless!

With the dimming of lights and you in a comfortable spot,
I am whoever your desires need or require. My am whatever
personality we can conjure up and whatever kind of sexual
fantasy you long for. I never say, "No" and I do mean

Are you in the mood to play it sweet, play it dirty, play
it rough or play it raunchy? My playground is open 24/7
for whenever YOU need to it your fetish
and fantasy desires or just some company during a long
lonely night. Call with your ideas or let me help
you decide.

I’m very bad ... in the good kind of way. *purrr*


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Hottest Month of the Year!

It’s been so HOT lately and during my time off from 
this summer I enjoy the feel of cool water against
my skin. The sun shining down and tanning my body
gives me all this energy and makes me feel so horny!
I love the way the guys at the pool all stare at me
when I wear my bikini. *bits lip*

I see the way they look at me when I'm putting sun
tan oil all over my legs. They think they are so
slick but I catch them staring at me and I really
like it!

It gets me thinking about what is going through
their minds. What they wish they could do to me
or even better what I'd do to them. *evil grin*

What would you do, if given the opportunity?
What do you think of while you look at me? Give
me a call and let me know.